What & why choose for an appraisal?

Getting an appraisal for your classic or special car. Why would you choose for this? And what is it all about?

An appraisal is mainly recommended if you have put a big amount of money in the purchase of your car and/or restauration of it. Appraisal means that you will give a certain value on your car. This value can be very important if you have an accident, or you loose your car in a fire or theft, ... Or when you sell your car so the buyer will know the true value of the car.

For appraisal, we work together with a legitimated insurance expert who thoroughly examines the car on each area. To appraise the value, the expert keeps this aspects in mind as well as the documents of purchase of the car, restauration of the car, history of the car, today's value of the vehicle in the condition it is on that moment & in several cases also the rarity of the vehicle.

The document of appraisal you receive afterwards will exist in 2 copies, 1 copie for the insurance company, 1 copie for you to keep. There you will find the value, details of the car & where this all has been based on. It's also accompanied with some pictures of your car in the condition of that moment & sometimes a little bit of explanation of the type of car you own.

If you read this, you will probably think that you have to own an extremely rare or expensive car to get an appraisal. Nothing is less true. Also a car that has 'little value' but where you have put a several amount on money in it to get it fixed or restored or that has a great emotional value is certainly worth to get an appraisal.

Do you wish more information of this or an appointment to get an appraisal, please contact us. We are glad to give you more information.

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